Noise Abatement Failure – The People Sacrifice Again – Steve Klafka

Noise Abatement Failure – The People Sacrifice Again Dane County has failed to create an effective noise abatement programSteve Klafka  |  Feb 21, 2020  |  The Cap Times Dear Editor: With the pending decision to bring F-35 fighter jets to Truax Field, hundreds of Madison homeowners have learned of secret avigation easements which waive their rights […]

Response to State Journal Propaganda – It’s Not a Done Deal

All, Typical propaganda spread by the willfully ignorant not only in Madison, but in Michigan, too. The F-35s will be loud when they take off and land. But so are commercial aircraft. And commercial planes account for the vast majority of flights in and out of the airport. A single F-35 is roughly 4 times […]

Allen Ruff speaks with Pat Elder on “Forever Chemicals,” PFAS and the Military (Tues, Noon, 2/27: “A Public Affair,” WORT, 89.9fm)

Listen Live – WORT 89,9 FM Community Radio Madison       This week on “A Public Affair”  Thursday, February 27 with host Allen Ruff, the guest. Pat Elder comes to us from Maryland.  Elder is an expert in a number of areas including PFAS chemicals and the US military, military recruiting and students. Elder’s […]

Media Coverage of F-35 Jets, PFAS, Truax & You [educational forum]

News coverage of our event: Opposition‌ ‌of‌ ‌F-35‌ ‌fighter‌ ‌jets‌ ‌in‌ ‌Madison‌ ‌leads‌ ‌public‌ ‌forum‌ – Daily Cardinal  Coalition holds panel discussion on F-35 jets in Madison  – WKOW Channel 27 ABC Panel hears concerns on PFAS, F-35 jets  – WMTV Channel 15 NBC Organization hosts forum opposing F-35 Jets  –  WISC Channel 3 CBS WMSN […]

Oppose the Jets! An Open Letter to the City of Madison, County of Dane Officials

Mayor Satya, Executive Parisi, Nan, Heather, Mary, and other marvelous city and county staffers – Thank each of you so much for your constant amazing work for Madison and Dane County.  Please come out strongly against siting the F-35s here, and use your influence to get Sen Baldwin to withdraw her support.  I am so […]

Signs and Posters – English

These images are available for printing as posters or signs.  Click to download. These beautiful works of art were done by  Clare Norelle.  She may be reached at… No F-35s Large Educational Posters, English MORE POSTERS – SIMPLER, LANDSCAPE (PDFs) No F-35s para nuestra economia No F-35s para nuestro medio ambiente No F-35s para […]

Is it Business or Is It Government: Lockheed Conflicts

On February 10, General Joseph Dunford will join the Lockheed Board of Directors. Gen. Dunford was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2015 to 2019 according to Reuters news agency. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the nation’s highest-ranking military officer and the principal military advisor to the president, the […]

VIDEO: Defense Analyst, Military Jet Expert Pierre Sprey on F-35’s – January 17

Pierre Sprey spoke in Madison on January 17 explaining many of the issues with the F-35, a program that he feels should be cancelled. F-35s blow up if they get hit by lightning? They can’t fly if the sun is out and the jet fuel gets too hot? They won’t be a defense for the […]

Forever Poisons and Government Response

Pat elder:   See Truax Data PFAS pollution See pdf of the engineer’s report on the contamination.  TRUAX FIELD AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE MADISON, WISCONSINAmec Foster Wheeler Project March 2019  to go thru this.  Search for: creek, groundwater, sewer, surface water, etc.   PFAS was found in or near Truax Field’s Wisconsin Air National Guard at 39,841 […]

Foes urge Dane County to oppose F-35s, which look increasingly likely; county says it is powerless

The Capital Times  |  24 Jan 2020  |  Steven Elbow   “Several activists on Thursday urged a Dane County committee to “get the ball rolling” to oppose bringing F-35 fighter jets to the Air National Guard base at Truax Field before the possible start of construction this spring, but county officials say there’s little they […]