Water is Life Pictures – April 3 Event

On Saturday April 3rd 2021, we came together at an event organized by the people of Eken Park Resistance to educate and expose and to stand together to defend each other, our lives and our water at the City-County Building, downtown Madison.


Community members and friends brought water and  some attached messages of where the water came from, why it matters to you, and why we must protect our water.


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Artwork by Clare Norelle

The wells and waterways in Madison are contaminated with toxic PFAS chemicals. Our elected officials must act to clean and protect our water, blocking construction of F-35 fighter jet facilities at Truax Field which would add more deadly PFAS to our water.

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Pictures from today


protect our water, you have no right to harm us
water is life is written out with the names of bodies of water that are throughout our state