Costs -> Powerless

Move the people or move the jets:  stop building housing for poor and people of color where it is noisiest and the most polluted.  Stop handing the costs to the powerless and the profits to the powerful.  These are flaws in the market.
#corruption #externalized costs
One example, which is similar to Madison and Milwaukee and other places in Wisconsin

The environmental factors include:

* Air toxics cancer risk
* Air toxics respiratory hazard index
* Diesel particulate matter level in air
* Ozone level in air
* 5 level in air environmental injustice hot spots
* Traffic proximity and volume
* Lead paint indicator
* Proximity to National Priority List sites financed under the federal * Superfund program
* Proximity to risk management plan facilities
* Proximity to treatment storage and disposal facilities
* Wastewater dischargers indicators
add in the noise, the PFAS and other military pollutions
why were these corporations allowed to hide the effects

“We know the serious increase in noise that our communities are going to experience are going to have a significant, disproportionate impact on low-income and minority populations as well as children, resulting in environmental injustice to these communities. It will worsen the severe racial inequities that already plague our city and county.”

– former State Rep Chris Taylor

No F-35 Fighter Jets in Madison

Say no to#PFAS
Clean up the military pollution.
Hold the lying corporations accountable.