Mission of the Truax base and the 115th Fighter wing

Finding a New Mission for the Truax base and the 115th Fighter wing

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EXCERPT: There are several examples of ANG units which have changed their mission. In 2013, the New Mexico Air National Guard’s 150th Fighter Wing changed from a fighter mission to training crews in special operations and personnel recovery. In 2016, the Montana 120th Airlift Wing switched from flying F-15 fighter jets to the C-130 and transport aircraft. In 2018, the Air Force Times reported on the increasing need for mobility aircraft to deliver critical equipment and supplies to military forces stateside and overseas, and for humanitarian and diplomatic missions. It found that during the 2017 hurricane season, Air Force mobility teams flew nearly 1,500 flights, delivering 28 million pounds of supplies to victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. The Air Force estimated that the F-35 squadron would add only 64 jobs. Switching to another mission would provide far more jobs to Truax Field, jobs that would be beneficial to our community.

Other examples include scientific, engineering or weather missions for the 115th which would complement the enormous knowledge base available at the UW campus. In an April 1st news release, the Wisconsin National Guard explained all the ways it was helping combat the current pandemic. A permanent medical mission for the 115th would complement our forward-looking economy grounded in health services.

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Current Mission

 The mission of the 115th Fighter Wing is to deliver dominant combat air power and provide agile support for domestic operations.


115th Fighter Wing Mission

We are a premier Fighter Wing in the Total Force, serving proudly in the global contingency and homeland defense roles and missions, providing our federal and state partners a Ready, Reliable, Relevant, and Respected force; demonstrating our core values: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do.

Military Doublespeak

How can the 115th be a fighter wing that “delivers dominate combat air power” if it has no weapons?

Feb. 28, 2018 – City F-35 listening session at East Madison Community Center: Colonel Jeff Wiegland stated that “Truax Field is an active air defense site… the primary air alert site to defend our entire northern border.”

At the Feb. 28, 2018 city F-35 listening session a few days earlier, Colonel Jeff Wiegland adamantly assured audience members that “there are no live air-to-ground munitions at Truax Field.”

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