Noise Maps & Info for Madison/Truax

To report Airport noise:

  • Wisconsin ANG Community Concerns Hotline: 608-242-3960.

  • Dane County Regional Airport Noise Complaint Line: 608-246-5841

  • Airport noise report form

Live air traffic and sound-meter readings in the Madison, Wisconsin area

Quiet Communities non-profit: Quiet American Skies

Hearing Health Foundation on Safe & Unsafe Decibels

  • The National Institute of Occupational Safety (NIOSH) states that for a 115 decibel (dB) sound, the exposure limit is just 28 seconds.
  • Exposure to noise louder than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safe noise level of 70 dB over 24 hours will damage hearing.

Noise map of Truax area, with decibels

Noise map of Truax area, with decibels (PDF)

More maps from the City of Madison


Noise Level Comparisons: F-35 and other Aircraft

World Health Organization – The Burden of Noise

Dane County Public Health Dept РEffects of Noise Exposure 

Health & Safety Concerns – Physicians for Social Responsibility

Dr Elizabeth Neary, Wisconsin Environmental Health Network, on noise effects of F-35s