Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin is a loosely organized coalition of organizations and individuals. A Coordinating Team and many activists take on various roles as needed to keep this movement going, with the engagement of hundreds of residents and activists.

Our mission is to stop the basing of F-35A Joint Strike Fighter jets at Truax Air National Guard base in Madison and to force clean-up of existing contamination of the water supply emanating from the base. We oppose the basing for many reasons, including the protection of thousands of people living around the airport and everyone who is exposed to Madison’s drinking water and waterways. Use this site as a guide to taking action or to learn more about the dangers associated with the F-35 and the expansion of the Truax base.

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Residents speak out at Public Hearing

Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin, Inc. is a charitable organization under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).