Retired Air Force Col Rosanne Greco talks about the F-35s April 15, 2023

Transcript (PDF)

Colonel Rosanne Greco, USAF (Ret.) sat down for a Zoom meeting on April 15, 2023 to discuss the Burlington, Vermont-area efforts to prevent the F-35 jet from being based in that area. The conversation included Tom Boswell and James Benkard of Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin, a non-profit organization dedicated to the same type of work, namely preventing F-35 jets from being stationed at Truax Air Field in Madison, Wisconsin.

Col. Greco addressed the negative effects that jets of this type have been producing, and will continue to produce, on the surrounding environment and the physical and mental health of the area’s residents. She advances the concerns regarding the nuclear threat posed by these jets to the which they are based – the fact that nuclear weapons delivery systems are among the first targets in the event of a nuclear conflict.