First F-35 Fighter Jets arrive at Truax – media coverage

There was great fanfare and patriotism as the extremely loud fighter jets arrived at Truax today. Here’s some news. Click the titles to read the full articles.

From Channel 3000, April 25, 2023 | Jaymes Langrehr, Arman Rahman
‘One of the most exciting days in Fighter Wing history’: F-35 jets arrive at Truax Field

“This day marks the conclusion of a vision that took us more than ten years to achieve as a Wing, but it’s also the culmination of generations of excellence this Wing has demanded,” Col. Van Roo said.


From Channel 27, April 25, 2023 |
‘It really is a pivotal moment’: First F-35 fighter jet arrives at Truax Field in Madison

With the news, they acknowledge that “Not everyone is on board with the F-35 jets. Tom Boswell with the Safe Skies, Clean Water Coalition believes the jets will pollute the environment, make Madison a nuclear target and disrupt children from learning in dozens of nearby daycares and schools.”


With a roar, the first F-35 fighter jets arrive in Madison
Dean Mosiman | Wisconsin State Journal Apr 25, 2023

On a crisp Tuesday afternoon, four of the most advanced fighter jets in the world emerged like speeding, roaring, dark seeds from banks of silvery white clouds above Truax Field on Madison’s North Side…

Despite the festivities on base, “No F-35” signs still dot much of the East and North sides, and there is ongoing uncertainty over what their impact will be on residents who live near Truax and the Dane County Regional Airport.

F-35 opponents lose fight over noise as jets arrive in Madison

Madison welcomed the first of 20 F-35A fighter jets to Truax Field Tuesday after years of concerns about noise and environmental pollution, dealing a blow to grassroots efforts to keep the aircraft out of the city.

First Wave Of F-35s Land In Madison

Earlier this week, the first wave of F-35 fighter jets landed at Truax Airfield in Madison. While the Air National Guard is celebrating their arrival, neighbors and local activists who’ve been fighting the jets for years say that, while they’ve only been around for a few days, the jets have already disrupted their lives.

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