Video: F-35s, PFAS, Truax and You – A Forum

Sunday February 9, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Madison East High School

In case you didn’t brave the snowy weather on Sunday and missed the forum, here’s the video for you and shorter clips if you want to skip around! Full video with introduction and moderator here



Maria Powell, Midwest Environmental Justice Organization
PFAS, Soil & water contamination & cleanup

Dr. Beth Neary, Wisconsin Environmental Health Network
Health effects of noise and PFAS

Rebecca Kemble, Dist. 18 Alder
Noise and the myth of mitigation

Jesse Pycha-Holst, Solidarity Realty
Property values, local economic impact, avigation easements

Brian Benford, Former Dist 12 Alder, Past President Madison EEO Commission
Racial disparities and the F-35 and military industrial complex

Video: Pierre Sprey, Defense Analyst – excerpts from Jan 17 talk
Safety issues and nuclear capability

Allen Ruff, historian and host of WORT-FM’s “A Public Affair”
The myth of defense & the permanent war economy

Vicki Berenson, Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin
Next steps