Update on the Stop the F-35 in Wisconsin Campaign – October 14, 7 pm

Peace Action and Safe Skies Clean Water WI Zoom Update on the Stop the F-35 in Wisconsin Campaign

Thursday, October 14 at 7:00 pm

Time is running out to oppose the stationing of eighteen F-35 Fighter Jets to Madison’s Truax Field by 2023. The decision to allow the jets in Wisconsin has been done with no regard for the health or safety of our residents. Say no to F35s, save our children’s lives.

In Madison, the Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition, Interfaith Peace Working Group and Eken Park Resistance are asking peace, environmental, neighborhood and faith groups to join them in public resistance to the proposed basing of the F-35 fighter jets in Wisconsin. This coalition denounces the idea of locating F-35 warplanes in a racially diverse, low-income community. It will be a racial, economic and environmental injustice, as well as a serious peace and security threat to Madison and all of Wisconsin.

The F-16 warplanes already fill our skies with intolerable noise. The noise will be particularly harmful to children and interfere with their learning and development.

The PFAS “forever” chemicals which the Air National Guard uses in fire-fighting training has contaminated our municipal wells, lakes and streams, and the fish which supplement the diet of low-income people..

The sticker price for the 2020 model F-35A is $110.3 million, according to the Air Force’s aircraft procurement justification book and the Project on Government Oversight, the taxpayer cost for Dane County’s squadron of 20 F-35s will be $2,206,000,000. That amount could buy 61.4 million coronavirus tests, 27,284 elementary school teachers for a year, or 29,780 clean energy jobs for a year.

All F-35s are designed to eventually carry two B61-12 variable capacity nuclear warheads – up to four times more powerful than the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No matter where the nuclear bombs are stored, Madison and nearby cities will become a target in nuclear hostilities.


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