Mobilize Against Militarism – Sept 11


Sept. 11, 2021

Downtown Madison Farmer’s Market

On Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, our hearts are weary after 20 years of the “forever wars” and skyrocketing Pentagon budgets.  So many innocent children, women, and men have been killed, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Yemen, and so many other places in the Middle East and Africa.  And we are no closer to bringing peace.  War WAS NOT the answer!

We demand an end to the ever-increasing military spending and war!

8:00 am – noon:  FLY KITES, NOT DRONES! Join us at the King St. corner of the square. We will be at the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice/ WNPJ table.  We will have kites, leaflets, buttons, and other information.

10:00 am:   ALL ARE WELCOME AS WE gather for a rally outside Senator Baldwin’s office at 30 West Mifflin St. (near the State St. corner of the square).

Senator Baldwin, stop voting for the War Machine, fund human needs, and lead us to a peace economy!

The U.S. government spends more on the military than the next top eleven countries combined.  And we are no closer to bringing peace!

The F-35 joint strike fighter jets, one of the biggest boondoggles in military history, are looking to come to Madison.  And we are no closer to bringing peace!

As we move closer and closer to ecocide, the military remains the biggest source of pollution on earth.  And we are no closer to bringing peace!

Suicide, PTSD, and moral injury is a huge problem for our veterans who have been emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually damaged from our wars.  And we are no closer to bringing peace!

Senator Tammy Baldwin, along with so many other Democrats and Republicans, does not represent our desire to bring an end to the “forever wars”.  We have no party for peace.  We only have a War Party!  Sen. Baldwin actively worked to bring the F-35s to Madison, she does not provide strong support for policies to make the world green, she backs economic policies that support militarism, and she continues to vote for the obscene military budget.

We need to tell her we have had enough.   Senator Baldwin needs to be a strong leader for the people.  She needs to stand up to the War Party!

Sponsored by:  Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars


  • Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
  • Interfaith Peace Working Group
  • Madison Raging Grannies.
  • Peace Action WI
  • Peregrine Forum
  • Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin
  • Veterans for Peace Clarence Kailin Chapter 25
  • Veterans for Peace Milwaukee Chapter 102
  • WILPF – Madison
  • WILPF – Milwaukee
  • Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice