Carla D. Raushenbush: Struggling to understand Baldwin’s support for F-35s

The Cap Time  |  10 April 2020  |  Carla D. Raushenbush     Dear Editor: Dear Sen. Tammy Baldwin, I hope this finds you well! I am fine, staying at home during the pandemic.   I am angry and despairing over your continuing support of F-35s in Madison. Trying to understand, I have researched and […]

Parade to Oppose F-35’s : The Clarion, Voice of Madison College Students

The Clarion  |  25 March 2020 Anica Graney, Managing Editor     “On Feb. 29, a large group of Madison community members spent their leap day gathered outside the Madison College Truax campus to protest the incoming F-35 fighter jets the Air Force wants to station at the Dane County Regional Airport.     As any […]

Statement in Opposition to F-35 Jets: United Faculty Academic Staff (AFT 223 Union) at UW Madison

United Faculty Academic Staff (AFT #223) Resolution opposing the F-35 fighter planes Members of United Faculty Academic Staff (AFT #223) passed this resolution on January 27, 2020 in strong opposition to the F-35 fighter planes and the stationing of these planes at Truax Field in Madison, WI. We are faculty and academic staff from departments […]