Statement in Opposition to F-35 Jets: United Faculty Academic Staff (AFT 223 Union) at UW Madison

United Faculty Academic Staff (AFT #223) Resolution opposing the F-35 fighter planes

Members of United Faculty Academic Staff (AFT #223) passed this resolution on January 27, 2020 in strong opposition to the F-35 fighter planes and the stationing of these planes at Truax Field in Madison, WI.

We are faculty and academic staff from departments across campus at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Some of our members live in neighborhoods on the Northeast side of Madison that would be directly impacted by the planes. There are numerous reasons for our concern and opposition, including those below.

• The stationing of the F-35s at Truax Field would be an affront to environmental justice. The impacts would be experienced disproportionately by people of color and low income neighborhoods. This situation would exacerbate racial disparities in Dane County which already are some of the worst in the nation.
• Pollutants associated with F-35 operations threaten air quality, water quality, human health, and ecosystems. The Midwest Environmental Justice Organization documents gaps in the Environmental Impact Statement that should be addressed in a revised Environmental Impact Statement. The Wisconsin Physicians for Social Responsibility organization details health impacts of the projected pollution and noise. We call on decision-making to be grounded in sound science.
• Noise levels associated with the take off and landing of the F-35 aircraft are at levels dangerous to children and vulnerable adults.
• According to the Environmental Impact Statement by the Air Force, more than 1,000 homes near Truax Field could become “incompatible for residential use” due to the increased noise levels associated with the F-35 program.
• At a time when climate change poses a dire threat to our planet and humanity and timescales are short for transformative action, it is imperative that we focus our resources on rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions rather than supporting expensive projects that burn fossil fuels such as the F-35 fighter jets.

We call upon the U.S. Air Force, Wisconsin elected officials, and the University of Wisconsin’s administration to heed the widespread concerns expressed by the Madison community and to speak out in strong opposition to the F-35 fighter aircraft and their placement at Truax Field in Madison, WI.


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