Carla D. Raushenbush: Struggling to understand Baldwin’s support for F-35s

The Cap Time  |  10 April 2020  |  Carla D. Raushenbush



Dear Editor:

Dear Sen. Tammy Baldwin,

I hope this finds you well! I am fine, staying at home during the pandemic.


I am angry and despairing over your continuing support of F-35s in Madison. Trying to understand, I have researched and fact-checked all of the publicly known reasons given for your support. I will not go through the list (jobs, Truax being able to stay open, effectiveness of sound mitigation which may not be paid for, etc.), but there is nothing that justifies citizen displacement and making your hometown a less desirable place to live, through pollution of water and air. And, then there is the money spent on a plane that is well known to be continually problematic and over the top expensive. (And, which countries are going to overtake the U.S. in Air Force military might, without another 24% increase in F-35s nationally? This cannot be real.)

Your form letters do nothing to explain your horrendous choice to support. Please do not send another. If you want to honestly explain your position, I would like to hear it. Maybe this is one more letter than turns your tide. Many of your constituents, myself included, who have supported you and Pocan over the years are having difficulty justifying supporting either of you ever again because of this issue. I count on you for the betterment of our country.


Your distressed admirer and classmate,


Carla D. Raushenbush


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