#PFASFree Day of Action – July 14

We know that the Truax Air National Guard base is a major source of PFAS contamination – causing one of Madison’s wells to be shut down. We also know they are beginning a major construction there, much of it to accommodate the F-35 fighter jets. Demand a halt to all construction until the entire site is tested for PFAS!

In addition to the #PFASFree Action items below, Safe Skies Clean Water WI asks you to contact your Dane County Supervisor and urge them to co-sponsor 2021 RES-088 demanding action and transparency about PFAS contamination relating to construction at Truax.

Find your supervisor: https://board.countyofdane.com/supervisors 

Ask your Dane County Supervisor to support/sponsor Res. 88


Contact your water utility to ask for PFAS testing

You can use our easy to use tool at pfasfree.org/take-action to send a message to your water utility and local officials that you want your water utility to test for PFAS in your drinking water.

Take a selfie and post on social media

Take a selfie with a sign that you create on your own or print from our samples here. Make sure to use #PFASFree hashtag in your post and tag your local officials or city if you can.

Voice your opinion to state officials

Urge your legislators to be a champions for #PFASFree drinking water by supporting the CLEAR Act.

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