Ask your Dane County Supervisor to support/sponsor Res. 88

Please take a moment to contact your Dane County Board Supervisor and ask them to support and endorse 2021 RES-088.
Resolution 88 is out there and ready to be SUPPORTED and ENDORSED!
Here is the summary of this resolution. Please spread the word for people to contact their Board supervisors on your social media platforms, email listservs, etc.
  • Formally request a legal opinion from Dane County’s Corporation Council on the County’s regulatory authority over construction related to the F-35 beddown.
  • Create a central clearinghouse web site for PFAS tests and results along with public notices and meeting notes of any meetings between County departments, the Wisconsin DNR, the Wisconsin Air National Guard, and any Private Contractors working on F-35 related projects.
  • Requests Dane County’s Corporation Council to explore how to halt construction project if PFAS test results exceed levels prescribed by the DNR or EPA
Text of legislation (current as of 6/24/2021)
Thank you!
Eken Park Resistance