Airport Noise Abatement Subcommittee Nov. 20

Airport Noise Abatement Subcommittee:

Dane County Regional Airport

Dane County Regional Airport (DCRA) is commtitted to reducing the impacts of aircraft noise whenever possible.  DCRA works closely with airport partners to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding community by encouraging the use of noise abatement procedures and other takeoff/landing methods that reduce noise pollution over noise sensitive areas. The success of noise abatement strategy depends largely on the cooperation of pilots, air traffic controllers, and airport officials.”  
The Airport Noise Commission meets twice a year. They discuss the level of noise complaint line calls and other reports.

Next meeting:  November 20, 5:30 pm at Robert B. Skuldt Conference Room at the Dane County Airport.

Noise Reporting Hotline: 608-246-5841

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