F-35 Bombers Will Erode Our Quality of Life

Wisconsin State Journal  |  Oct 16,2019  |  Wayne Svec


“The Air Force acknowledges that noise levels will increase if F-35 jet fighters are stationed at Truax Field in Madison.

This would impact a substantially large residential area to sound levels that are considered hazardous. In addition, landings and takeoffs would increase considerably, due to training exercises.

Once these new jet fighters are introduced here, they will remain no matter how they affect our public health and safety in the future. Isn’t it rather obvious that military aircraft should be sited in rural, sparsely populated areas?

F-35 placement at Madison would be just another example where the environment, our quality of life and public safety become slowly eroded for questionable, economic benefit.

Wayne Svec, Madison

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F-35s will erode our quality of life — Wayne Svec