National day of action to say NO to the endless war machine! March 19

  • NO F35s – Madison is not a sacrifice zone!
  • Peace in Ukraine – negotiations, not escalation!
  • Say no to endless US war and sanctions – abolish the NATO war machine!
We will gather Sunday 3/19 at 3:00 pm at the State Street steps of the Capitol for a short antiwar rally, then we will cross the street to Tammy Baldwin’s office to protest plans by Sen. Baldwin and others to bring polluting, nuclear-capable F35 fighter jet to Madison, as well as the US ruling elites’ runaway spending on war and weapons while they neglect the needs of our people and planet.
This is part of a national weekend of action sponsored by the ANSWER coalition on the 20th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq. More info:…
Current sponsors include the Four Lakes Green Party and Veterans for Peace – Madison. If you and/or your antiwar organization would like to co-sponsor, promote, and/or help organize the event, please contact Four Lakes Greens Secretary Dave Schwab at
Please join us Sunday as part of this critical national wave of action to say NO to war!