Beginning Today: A Gathering Of Faith And Resistance

A Public Affair with Esty Dinur, WORT-FM March 24, 2023

Madison is hosting the 20th Catholic Worker Midwest Faith and Resistance Gathering this weekend, March 24 – 27, 2023. It will be a weekend of relationship-building, reflection, music, art, meals and direct action opposing F-35 fighter jets, militarism and war.

It begins tonight, Friday 24th with the presentation of the documentary Theaters of War: How the Pentagon and CIA took Hollywood.

The weekend will culminate with a nonviolent resistance action to the F-35 fighter jets on Monday.

Updated event and location details can found on The Catholic Worker website or on Safe Skies Clean Water Wi’s page.

Joining us on A Public Affair are event organizer Janet Parker, and featured speakers Kathy Kelly and Brian Terrell.

Kathy Kelly is a peace activist, author, and board president of World BEYOND War. Kathy’s activism and writing are focused on Afghanistan, Yemen, Gaza, and domestic protests against US drone policy. In the past thirty-five years her activism has led to her arrests at home and abroad. She lived in war zones, notably remaining in combat zones during the early days of both US–Iraq wars.

Brian Terrell organizes with Strangers & Guests Catholic Worker and Nevada Desert Experience. He will be speaking this weekend on the international efforts of Catholic Workers regarding his resistance experience at the nuclear sharing bases in Europe, most of them set to receive F-35s soon.

Janet Parker is a mother, gardener, musician and war abolition activist in Madison, Wisconsin. Since last April, Janet and friends have held 27 War Abolition Walks in Madison to push for diplomacy to end the war in Ukraine, and all wars. With Stefania Sani, Janet co-coordinates the new Madison chapter of the international war abolition organization World BEYOND War