Nation doesn’t need more war planes — Bradley Geyer

Wisconsin State Journal  |  15 April  |  Bradley Geyer :  Original Article 

The U.S. military needs to focus on defending our nation. We have more than enough military already.

We have too many bases around the world. Our government should not be controlling other nations. It should not be taking resources from other nations — minerals and fossil fuels. The profits go to the connected few. Have you ever shared in the profit from oil or lithium?

The U.S. government supplies military funding to nations around the world — more than $3 billion a year to Israel alone.

Our priorities seem messed up. This is not defense. No nation has attacked the shores of the United States since World War II. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. We need to honor the law and respect human rights and sovereignty. Let’s be about defense instead of aggressive military action. We have better things to do: training medical professionals, improving our infrastructure, and transporting supplies.

We do not need more jets that shoot missiles and drop bombs, we have too many already. Say “yes” to liberty and justice.

Say “no” to F-35 fighter jets.

Bradley Geyer


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