Madison Peace Walk September 2

Begins at 5:30 pm September 2, 2022

Founder’s Classroom – outside class space, Goodman Community Center

28th week of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Please join us again this Friday for a streaming of an edited version of a webinar organized by the DSA International Committee titled “The War in Ukraine:  Impacts and Perspectives:  Women, Workers, and the Global South”.

The entire forum, which was cosponsored by CodePink and World Beyond War, is available in the Political Education tab in the above link.  Excellent perspectives were also given by Yuri Sheliazhenko, Vijay Prashad, and Richard Wolf; we will focus on the other three speakers as follows:

“I’m from Eastern Ukraine, where the war has been going on for eight years now,…our communities in the Donbas region have been stuck in a situation of poverty, violence, and fear…..Meanwhile, we are told that Ukraine is fighting a European war, and Ukraine is defending Europe.  But today……..I want to move away from discussions on the military industrial complex, and military strategic questions, I’m interested in the everyday racialized and gender social dynamics [of the social systems] in Ukraine…. and posit that self determination must be defined as working people control over life-making processes.”

“This idea of independence and who gets it ….is completely a game of world politics…. [where] some people get to be acknowledged and others don’t, so that it depends on who is sponsored by whom.  Everyone is playing big games, ……[wars]  are used to further do shock reforms, shock therapy on the population by enacting straight jacket measures on social spending..”

“In Eastern Europe, [we are witnessing] neoliberalism in slow motion. [And so], we really have to return to….Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Lybia, and to all the other wars of aggression that NATO has led:  these wars destroy nations, kill millions of people,…livelihoods.  [Poland has been a collaborator in those wars and committed] acts of collaboration that have bred xenophobia, racism, fascism [and economic instabity.  But [countries] need builders, not mercenaries, weapons, predatory loans, they need builders.“

We will meet at the outside Founders’ Classroom of the Goodman Community Center, the outside space right on the bike path at 5:30pm this Friday 9/2;  after the presentation, we will walk to the Lizard Mound at Hudson Park, and end at the Yahara Place.

Next week, we would like to join the national call for Ukraine anti-war activities 9/12-15, but don’t have firm plans yet.

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