VIDEO of 2020 Lanterns for Peace – August 6

Lanterns for Peace 2020

Join us from your home for this family friendly event to commemorate the lives lost in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings 75 years ago and make sure that such nuclear attacks never again take place. We remember the past, so that we can envision and work for a peaceful, just and nuclear-free future. Due to COVID-19, there will be no public gathering for Lanterns for Peace but we will still be holding a lantern launch streamed online.

Contact your legislators, write a letter to the media – STOP THE F-35s, we don’t want any nuclear-capable weapons!!!

  • NOTE: We are told that Truax will not be home to any nuclear capable F-35 jets, nor will Truax be storing any nuclear weapons. If this changes in the future, we may not be notified. However, all F-35’s in the future are expected to be nuclear capable. See National Interest Oct 2, 2019.
  • The Department of Defense designated the F-35 as a part of its strategic nuclear bomber force in the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review The F-35 is meant to be a first strike bomber – not a defense vehicle. 
  • Each F-35 jet can carry two nuclear warheads up to four times more powerful than the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.
  • Even the smallest nuclear warheads, the B61-12 ,would cause complete devastation to structures and kill everyone in the primary target area. They are particularly dangerous because leaders have expressed willingness to use them.
  • Radiation extends further out and causes radiation sickness, injury and death on the periphery. Wind conditions can further spread radiation.
  • The U.S. is the only country that has used nuclear weaponscompletely destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. Japanese people are still struggling with the aftermath, nearly 75 years later.


There are four easy steps for decorating paper for Lanterns for Peace:

  1. Decorate a letter or legal sized paper with your message of peace, justice and a nuclear weapon free future. Your message can be in words, pictures or designs. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc are all acceptable. All ages are encouraged to decorate their own! Simply send us your paper(s) and we will affix them to an assembled lantern. View examples of lantern pictures and designs here.


    To save us time, you can make “ready to assemble” lantern paper: Staple, tape or glue together two legal size (8.5 inches x 14 inches) sheets of paper or three letter size (8 inches x 11.5 inches) sheets of paper to form a square with each side measuring 6.5 inches (same size as past lanterns). Write or draw on the sides of your lantern and send it in. View specific instructions for “ready to assemble” lantern paper here.

  2. Take a photo or video on your cell phone of your lantern design and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag “#LanternsForPeace”

  3. Mail your design to our office (720 Hill Street, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53705), or contact Hannah (info@psrwisconsin.org) to drop the posters off at the office. We will construct your lantern with your artwork. You can fold the lantern paper into normal envelopes. If you are mailing 3 letter sized papers in a standard envelope it will need 1 stamp. If you are sending 6 sheets of papers in a standard envelope it will be $0.70 and need 2 stamps. If you mail in a 10’x13’ orange envelope it is $1.20.

  4. Tune in August 6th on through zoom and Facebook LIVE to learn how to take action for a peaceful world, watch the launch of your illuminated lanterns, and take part in a peace sing-along.

*You will not receive your lantern back. We will try our best to take images of each lantern and we suggest you take a photo of your artwork before mailing it in.

Download the Lanterns for Peace flyer here >>