Ask the candidates about F-35s

CANDIDATE QUESTIONS – for upcoming local and State elections 2020

Check candidates website for more on their positions. Search online for candidate forums by district.

1 – Earlier this year, the Air Force selected Truax Field in Madison to receive a squadron of F-35 fighter jets by 2023. How were you involved in the local response to the proposal to bring these jets to Madison?

2 – This fall, the Air National Guard will begin construction at Truax Field to accommodate their new F-35 fighter jets. Do you support the state and Wisconsin DNR stopping all construction at Truax Field until there is a complete investigation and approved cleanup plan for the PFAS contamination in groundwater, Starkweather Creek and Lake Monona caused by airport and Truax Field operations? If you support stopping construction, how would you achieve this goal?

3 – The current mission of the Wisconsin Air National Guard at Truax Field is training fighter jet pilots. There are 43 other missions available to Truax Field including engineering, scientific and medical missions which are more compatible with the surrounding populated urban area. Will you push for the Wisconsin National Guard and Governor Evers to obtain a new mission for Truax Field? If you support a new mission, how would you achieve this goal?

4 – The selection of Truax Field for the new F-35 fighter jets would not be possible without the support of Senator Tammy Baldwin. Will you demand that she reverse her support for stationing the new F-35 jets at Truax Field?

5 – Truax Field was selected for the new F-35 fighter jets despite the greatest impacts falling on low-income and families of color living adjacent to the base. Will you promote the creation of an environmental justice office at the Wisconsin DNR to help protect residents from environmental injustice and environmental racism?