Kenosha, Racism and F-35s

We mourn the tragedies of police killings and the murder and injury of protesters in Kenosha and all across our country. The shootings and killing show the ugly public face of racism abetted by a lack of accountability and transparency in law enforcement.

Yet, beneath the surface racism pervades our society, its government, and its economy.

Our state and local elected officials simply ignore the disproportionate impact of F-35 Fighter Jet siting on the lives and health of low-income people and people of color living near the Truax air base. They hypocritically support construction of affordable housing in areas unfit for residential use. They refuse to act forcefully in opposing a program that takes billions away from basic needs such as housing and healthcare. This subtle everyday racism goes unnoticed except for the people who suffer from it.

We call on our society, government, and businesses to envision and strive for a just and compassionate future.

– Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition

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