Final EIS: NO DECISION has been made! Parade to Truax Feb 29

2/22/2020 Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin

Contrary to the latest headlines, the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) does NOT indicate that a decision has been made.

Truax was identified as a preferred site for the F-35 fighter jets based on logistical considerations (cost of construction, existing infrastructure, etc.) and that hasn’t changed. But the Air Force reviewed over 6,400 public comments on the draft EIS (thank you to everyone who commented!) and will incorporate them to determine by the end of March whether Truax is still a good location.

It’s possible that the Air Force may choose another site based on the enormous environmental, social and fiscal impacts of siting the jets here – and our continued public opposition.

We need to keep up the pressure to make sure they understand the level of opposition.

Saturday, February 29: Show up for Safe Skies and Clean Water!

Parade to the Gates of Truax
12:00 to 2:00pm

Assemble at Noon: the open space at Wright & Anderson Streets
Free parking in the Madison College lot on weekends.

Families and children are welcome!

More details here:

Other actions to take:

“…Air Force officials responsible for the final March decision have already voiced concerns over continuing negative reactions to the proposed F-35 ‘beddown’… It isn’t over ’til it’s over.”

– Rebecca Kemble, Madison District 18 Alder

For more details about the Environmental Impact Statement:

Brenda Konkel has analyzed some of them in 4 blog posts – but note that the full final EIS hasn’t been published so there may be more information coming. And the EIS doesn’t mention the enormous cost to taxpayers with profits going to defense contractors, the impact of more military jets on climate change, and the global instability precipitated by an out-of-control arms race. Or the lack of affordable housing in Madison.

Final EIS for F35s is out – How did Madison Rank? – compares where we are at compared to the other 4 cities

How Did the Air National Guard Respond to Madison’s Comments on F-35s? – summary of some responses to comments

Media Fail: EIS on F-35s is a decision making tool, not a decision – Media fail on reporting as if the EIS would determine if Madison was still in the running

What’s New in the Final EIS for siting F-35s in Madison? – Differences I could find between the draft and Final EIS in the Madison section of the document

Steve Klafka has created a Comparison of the Draft and Final EIS – for the 115 Fighter Wing – Madison, WI

Please spread the word widely about the Parade to Truax on February 29!

Posters and flyers available here for download, or contact us for printed copies.

Facebook Event: Parade to Truax Feb 29