F35s = Child Abuse video documentary

This 12-minute documentary presents the impacts that noise from F-35 fighter jets will have on children living in Madison, Wisconsin.

These jets will be deployed to Truax Field in 2023. The film features interviews with Dr. Ann Behrmann with Physicians for Social Responsibility; Kate Lyman, a former teacher at Hawthorne Elementary School near Truax Field; and area residents impacted by existing F-16 fighter jet noise.

We learn of the greater impacts of jet noise on children compared to adults including their ability to learn, damage to their nervous system, and inability of infants to cover their ears. We find there are numerous public and parochial schools and day care centers near Truax Field, as well as a nearby school for children with behavioral issues sensitive to a noisy environment.

Hear public testimony of residents of Winooski, Vermont, including Dr. Sam Russo, where the F-35 jets have already been deployed.

The film closes with an appeal to change the mission of the 115th Fighter Wing at Truax Field from training fighter jet pilots to a Air National Guard mission which benefits the entire Madison community.

F-35s Child Abuse Documentary Transcript

Video created by Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin