CityCast Madison interviews Ret. Air Force Col. Greco in Vermont

Retired Air Force Colonel Rosanne Greco helped negotiate the first START treaty  which reduced the number of strategic nuclear weapons by thousands. She is much more worried now than ever about the threat of nuclear war, particularly with officials seeing some of the newer nuclear weapons as “usable”.

in this 20 minute podcast, Col Greco shares:

  • What has been the experience of the Burlington, Vermont community to the F-35 fighter jets?
  • What are the the cumulative health impacts of the noise, and can it be mitigated?
  • Why does the military need to replace the F-16s? Do they? Or is it the military-industrial complex that needs to profit?
  • What’s different about the F-35s from past fighter jets? How does it perform and what is the cost?
  • Who makes the decisions? How can the bed-down in our community be stopped? (Spoiler alert: a Senator can make the request which is generally honored.)