Vermont Air National Guard announces exercise responding to “a simulated” military strike on the base and runway at BTV

Cancel the F-35 |, April 9, 2023

Vermont Air National Guard news release announced the exercise

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If you believe that the presence of the F-35 jets did not make the Burlington International Airport (BTV) into a high-value military target, your argument is not with It is with the Vermont Air National Guard itself.

The Guard is not just saying this with words. It demonstrated its concern about such a military attack with action. The Vermont Air National Guard just finished a week-long exercise scenario practicing response to a military strike that destroyed its military base at the airport in South Burlington and destroyed the runway. A large group of Air Guard members departed from Vermont on a C-17A transport aircraft to a forward operating location and were deployed there dropping inert 2000-pound bombs on targets.

The exercise was designed to prepare members of the Vermont Air National Guard for “cyber attacks and new drone missile attacks” on the BTV airport. A news release issued on Friday April 7 by the Vermont Air National Guard described the anticipated damage from the attacks: “During the exercise scenario at the South Burlington Air National Guard base, buildings lost power, infrastructure was disabled and runways were bombed, requiring the 158th to conduct missions from a forward operating location.”

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