Uncle Sam: clean up your mess

Wisconsin State Journal  |  27 May 2020  |  Brad Geyer

I live next to the Truax Field military base in Madison. The U.S. government has poisoned the water and should clean it up.

The federal government plans to spend more than $50 million to expand the base. It plans to bring in a squadron of F-35 jets, costing around $100 million each with estimated operating costs of $44,000 per flight hour. [figures from the Project on Government Oversight.]

This is an Air National Guard base. I’m not sure what they are guarding. They sure aren‘t protecting anything around here. They are helping Lockheed Martin and Raytheon fleece the taxpayers. They are protecting corporate profits in the Middle East.
The government has the money to stop the pollution and clean up the mess in Madison. It’s just that greedy and connected people don’t like to share with the rest of us. War is a racket.
Get involved. Let’s cut this massive spending. U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Black Earth, is part of an effort to cut the waste in the budget. Are any other fiscal conservatives out there among the cheese heads?