Truax Apartment residents on F-35s

, Sept 14, 2019

On Saturday, September 14, Maria Powell (MEJO’s Executive Director) went door-to-door talking to Truax Apartments residents about what they think of the current F-16 fighter jet noise at the Truax Air National Guard military base 2400 feet from their homes–and the plan to site even louder F-35s there in the future.

Nearly all of the residents Maria talked to had babies, toddlers, and/or small children. Because military noise modeling deemed the city-owned Truax Apartments as just outside of the alleged 65dB noise area, residents there would not qualify under FAA for noise mitigation if the F-35s are located at Truax Field.

One resident wanted to share her experiences and recommendations with public officials, since she was not aware of the public meetings organized on the F-35s last week (video 1 below). Many other residents in the apartments made similar comments. While talking with her, an F16 jet flew over (video 2).