TODAY: Contact alders about noise mitigation

The idea of sound mitigation for the F-35 fighter jet

is a sham, a scam, and a shameful ruse. It’s a farce, a fraud,

a fake, a fiction and it’s phony. It’s a bluff, it’s bogus,

it’s a hoax, a hustle and hypocrisy.


In other words, we shouldn’t believe it and it’s doubtful that those proposing it as a solution to the noise of the F-35s believe it either. It’s their way of trying to make themselves look good while doing nothing to eliminate the curse and the major boondoggle of the F-35.

Madison Alder Mike Tierney is sponsoring a resolution to ask the State Legislature to create a tax credit program to help homeowners who will be harmed by the basing of F-35 jets at Truax. The program would permit some homeowners to install insulation, windows, doors, HVAC and other “sound mitigation equipment.” It won’t work and it’s a dumb idea. Please read the attached statement by Safe Skies Clean Water leaders Harry Richardson and Barb Smith which itemizes all the reasons this idea should be rejected.

Then call or email your alder, or email all the alders at and let them know, in your own words, why you think “mitigation” is not the way to solve the problem of the F-35. The City Council meets this Tuesday evening (that’s today!) so please do it now.

More details about the resolution