Supporters for F-35 jets propose solutions to mitigate noise concerns

Channel 27 MADISON (WKOW), August 30, 2019

Some Madison officials said they have solutions to the community’s concerns over F-35 fighter jets making too much noise.

Madison’s Wisconsin Air National Guard is close to bringing the jets to the area as they compete with three other potential sites. 

Zach Brandon, the president of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, said residents can apply for federal assistance to reduce noise levels such as sound insulation for homes. 

[OUR COMMENT} Yogesh Chwala has a different take on mitigation:

Even if some residents receive financial assistance, Dane County Board of Supervisor member Yogesh Chawla said it won’t be enough.

“When you’re applying for federal relief, it sometimes gets very tricky,” said Chawla, District 6. “I think the remediation should be something that is brought to the people directly before the planes are brought.”

Chawla represents homeowners in the “incompatible” zone. He also fears the plan would disproportionately affect low income and minority communities.

“If we’re eliminating a large swath of land where people are living and potentially could be leaving, we have to ask ourselves, is that the right decision for our community to make?”

[OUR COMMENT} How do you insulate the out-of-doors?