Support for F-35s comes from corporate Democrats, not progressives

The Capital Times, Sept 10, 2019  Norman Aulabaugh letter to the editor

“Dear Editor: Twenty people gathered outside Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s office at 30 West Mifflin Street last month to bring attention to Baldwin’s support for basing the F-35 fighter jet at Truax Field in Madison. Sen. Baldwin told the group earlier that she supported having the F-35 because it will maintain jobs at Truax and provide an estimated economic impact of $4.8 billion. Twenty jaws simultaneously hit the ground.

Real Democrats are making their progressive voices heard. We are tired of corporate democrats who believe that spending $1.5 trillion on a fighter jet is a good investment when affordable health care remains out of reach for many Americans. We are tired of bloated defense budgets of more than $700 billion annually while we need more money to support our schools. We are tired of Baldwin’s support for this and other outlandish defense budgets.”