Report: More than 1,000 Madison homes would be ‘incompatible for residential use’ with F-35 jets

More than 1,000 homes near Truax Field could be “incompatible for residential use” because of heightened noise levels if a new fighter jet program is placed there, according to a draft report compiled by the U.S. Air Force and National Guard Bureau.

The draft report outlines areas where the daily average noise level would reach about 70 decibels — about as loud as a vacuum cleaner — or up to 75 decibels. The noise wouldn’t be a constant buzz, but rather dramatic increases as jets pass by, up to about 110 decibels — about as loud as a rock concert.

About 200 acres of residential land near Truax Field, where the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 115th Fighter Wing is based, is expected to be brought above the 65-decibel threshold that the draft report described as unsuitable for residential use. More than 130 homes closest to the military facility located at the Dane County Regional Airport would likely be above a 70-decibel threshold average.

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