Report: Environmental CSR reporting by the arms industry

Dec 2021, Conflict and Environment Observatory

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In this report, Leonie Nimmo and Hana Manjusak examine the environmental Corporate Social Responsibility reporting of some of the world’s biggest arms companies, and discover that it may be far more useful than you might think.

Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin is one of the 223 organisations that supported the joint civil society call on military emissions pledges ahead of COP26.

We’re still working on our next steps towards COP27 and will be in touch just as soon as things are clearer, it’s great to see interest in military emissions continuing, we’ve been trying to keep track via our Twitter account @milemissionsgap

In the interim, CEOBS has just published a new study into the weird world of environmental Corporate Social Responsibility reporting in the arms industry. Turns out that arms companies are doing a lot better at emissions reporting than militaries, and this matters, because militaries are reluctant to start counting their supply chain emissions. The report’s below.