PFAS are biggest problem with F-35s — Allen Ruff

Wisconsin State Journal – March 3, 2020
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Noise is not the core issue for those opposing the F-35 fighter jets.

The poisoning of the area’s watershed directly attributable to PFAS chemical runoff from Truax Field is the fundamental issue facing everyone across the region. It even affects those currently in denial who busily hype the economic promise that will seemingly come about with the arrival of F-35s at the air base.

Proposed construction meant to provide additional facilities for this next generation warplane will certainly plow up ground already filled with additional toxins as the Air Force sloughs off its responsibility to clean up the toxic mess it has already made.

And who will end up paying for it all? In actuality, everyone who depends on safe, clean water — even those who imagine some illusory “security” or economic gain.

Allen Ruff, Madison