Peter & Lou Berryman Sing No F-35s

Thanks to our local musicians Peter & Lou Berryman (louandpeter.com) Sometimes a song says it better than a fact sheet!

Listen here: https://louandpeter.com/single/4089/no-f-35

Sing along:

So the protest repeats
Down the neighborhood streets
From the dark • of our uneasy dreams
And from babies and birds
Tho they don’t know the words
And from fish • in their unhealthy streams

CHORUS (after every verse)

No f-35
Disturbing • the peace every day
And what is it for
But igniting a war
That will blow all our heinders away

in a desert somewhere
They could locate them there
If they really did need • such a plane.
But bedding them down
On the poor side • of town
In a busy big city’s • insane

When folks do their best
To attempt • to suggest
They’re no louder than wind in the trees
You can say yes I know
‘Cause I’m Marilyn • Monroe
And the moon’s • made of limburger cheese

How the shoreline will shake,
When they crash in the lake
Which I promise will happen • someday
And you’ll go tell your mom
There’s a nuclear bomb
At the bottom • of Brittingham Bay

They can fly very fast
But on one tank of gas
From here there’s not much • to attack
For their range is so short
I am here to report they
Can’t fly to New York • and fly back

The thing was designed
And the contract was signed
Now we’re fifty eight billion in debt
And it’s gonna get worse
So hang on to your purse
For it’s one hundred million per jet

They’re called fighters • it’s true
But it’s bombing they do
And one bomb • can take millions of lives
So you may • disagree
But according • to me
Discontinue the F-35s