“No New Stadium” organization opposes F-35s in Madison

No New Stadium  |  Oct 30, 2019

No New Stadium recognizes the negative impact that environmental noise can have on community residents, and stands in support of our alder Tag Evers advocating against the Air Force bringing F-35s to Truax Field.

 All of our elected officials should work to protect Madison’s east and north side neighborhoods from the damaging impact of F-35s operating in the airspace above homes, schools and businesses.

Visit Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin for more information about F-35s in Madison.

No New Stadium opposes F-35s in Madison


No New Stadium is are an all-volunteer grassroots group of concerned citizens who strongly oppose Edgewood’s recently unveiled plan to turn its new athletic field into a stadium with 1,000 seats, 80-foot high-mount night lighting and an amplified sound system.

Some of us are Edgewood parents and alumni. We’re your neighbors, colleagues, walkers, runners, kayakers, and cyclists. We’re everyone who appreciates the Monroe Street corridor and Lake Wingra watershed.