More than 500 homes near airport likely not eligible for soundproofing from F-35 jets, city says

Emily Hamer, Wisconsin State Journal, Sept 11, 2019

“More than 500 mobile homes and low-income housing units located near Truax Field likely will not be eligible for soundproofing if a new fighter jet program comes to field and brings heightened noise with it, according to an analysis by the city of Madison released Tuesday.

The base at Truax Field, located at the Dane County Regional Airport, is one of two preferred sites for a squadron of 20 F-35 jets that could create dozens of jobs, but also noise levels at around 65-70 decibels — about as loud as a vacuum cleaner — for more than 1,000 nearby households.”


[Our comment: 65-70 decibels is the AVERAGE. The peak with afterburners is much louder, 120 dB, similar to a rock concert.]