Mobilize at Truax: F-35s won’t let us thrive – June 26


If it’s raining really hard, you can Zoom from your car (or from home)

The weather looks good this afternoon and WE ARE ON!!!

  • Start gathering at 2:00 pm, across from main Madison College building at 1701 Wright St. Parking is available in the large parking lot.
    – Music by Ukes Not Nukes and Raging Grannies of Madison
    – Take part in the No F-35s postcard campaign to Sen. Baldwin
  • 2:30 – march down Wright Street sidewalk, left on Pierstorff, to the gates of Truax where we will have speakers, follow-up actions and more music by the Raging Grannies
  • Take home postcards to distribute, yard signs, bumper stickers and buttons

Facebook Event – please share!!!

Taking it statewide

F-35 fighter jets are not just a local problem. In addition to endangering the health and safety of residents in neighborhoods where they are based, they represent the worst of government wasteful spending, profits to private weapons manufacturers despite faulty products, and harmful foreign policy, distributing F-35s to other countries (at US taxpayer expense), thus encouraging the use of force over diplomacy.

Now that we can again gather in person, it’s time to pull together to create more awareness and demand NO F-35s.
*NOTE: for the safety of everyone, if you are not vaccinated please be considerate of others and maintain a safe distance.

We need to act now because Truax is about to be expanded to accommodate the F-35s, there’s a resolution pending at the Dane County Board, and the F-35 program itself is a major nationwide issue touching on environmental issues, racism, the economic, peace and social justice.

Co-sponsored by Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice and Veterans for Peace Chapter 25 – Madison.

In case of rain – bring an umbrella!

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