Madison’s values have gone askew

Wisconsin State Journal – Letter to the Editor
Madison’s values have gone askew — Celeste Robins
Sunday, Jul 7, 2022

Thank you for your article July 20 on Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corp.’s proposal for the site of the former Bimbo Bakeries property on Madison’s East Side. The housing and planned green space, community room and rooftop plaza all sound very appealing. Why not add an indoor swimming pool and additional amenities and market them as higher income housing?

Oh, that’s right. This isn’t a desirable property for housing, is it? Yet the city deems it fine for low-income families.

As a retired social worker with the Madison School District who worked with families at Truax and the Worthington-Webb-Roethke low-income housing areas, I can truly see their many appealing aspects. It is too bad that they will all be blighted by the toxic noise levels from F-35 fighter jets that could cause hearing and learning problems. No amount of soundproofing can adequately mitigate these harmful effects in the homes, schools and green areas so close to Truax Field.

Do our city officials really think this is fine for those with low incomes, knowing it would not sell for those with higher incomes?

I have lived, worked, raised my children and paid taxes here for almost 50 years. These are not the values of the Madison I know and love.

Celeste Robins, Madison