How to soundproof a home against fighter jet noise

Burlington Free Press, June 9, 2019

“The owners of the 2,640 homes in the newly mapped high-decibel zone are looking at a bill of $30,000 or more to insulate their homes against the noise of the F-35 jet.

Burlington International Airport officials are applying for federal money to pay for the upgrades, but construction on the first round of houses will take about two years to get started. Residents of the outer edges of the noise zone will likely wait several years more for their turn…

Residents also will have the option to sell their homes directly to the airport at market value. The airport will insulate the houses and offer them for sale, Longo said. Any profits made from the sale will funnel back into the noise program.

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In Madison, there will be 1,318 homes within the 65 dB DNL noise level eligible for noise insulation, so 1,318 x 30,000 = $39.5 million.

And what if you want to go outside?