“Excruciating.” At a Winooski City Council meeting attended by 3 Vermont Guard commanders, 30 people shared their pain and suffering from the F-35

Cancel the F-35 | James Marc Leas, Sep 27, 2021
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“How do you soundproof a playground?”

Vermont National Guard Commanders attended the Winooski City Council meeting [watch online] on September 7 and heard the testimony of some 30 civilians about the F-35 training low over the City of Winooski.

Mayor Kristine Lott invited the commanders to attend the meeting to discuss their operations and answer questions from residents about the F-35 training in a densely populated city.

On Vermont Town Meeting Day in March the City of Winooski had voted overwhelmingly to urge the state to order a halt to the F-35 training over any populated area. Winooski is the most densely populated city in Vermont. The runway used for F-35 takeoffs and landings aims directly at the center of Winooski, only one mile away.

Apodaca cut down the 90 minutes of testimony by Winooski and nearby city residents to a more shareable 30 minute format for the ABC Cafe podcast.

Click here to listen to the program: https://share.transistor.fm/s/569a74c7

The mayor also invited the governor to attend the meeting but he declined.

The governor is the commander in chief of the Vermont National Guard. He has the authority to order a halt to the F-35 training amidst the most densely populated cities and towns in the state. He also has the obligation to do so: the F-35 training in this location hurts and injures civilians in violation of Vermont criminal laws and the military’s own regulations.

Although the governor, along with Vermont’s other top political and military leaders, used to tout their pride at bringing the F-35 here, the governor now seeks to pin the blame on the Pentagon. He also dishonors Guard commanders by having them invoke the same discredited defense for harming civilians that was used at the Nuremberg trials in 1945: Just following orders.

Share the link to the program on Front Porch forum. Share it with the governor, the congressional delegation, your state representatives, your friends in the Vermont National Guard, commanders, and news media.

Share the link so there is no further possibility of anyone continuing in denial about the pain, injury, and suffering caused by locating F-35 training in a populated area.