End wars to help restore our Earth — Thomas Gibson

Wisconsin State Journal – November 23  Read online

“Man is a part of nature,” the environmentalist Rachel Carlson once said, “and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.”

The Earth, when seen from outer space, is a most beautiful and moving sight, our only home. Closer up, however, it shows tremendous damage: Its forests, once widespread and luxuriant, have been lumbered by man. Its atmosphere, once clear and clean, has suffered massive pollution by people. Its climate has changed. Plants and animals, once diverse and abundant, are now severely declining, some to extinction.

Mankind takes the consequences of its own actions.

Why restore our Earth? Simply put: We will not continue as a species if we ignore the warning signs. We need nature to be mentally healthy.

If we all desire to restore our Earth, how can we pay for it — where do the funds come from? The only solution is: End all wars. They are expensive, and they also kill our children. We need to stop these destructive behaviors.
Restoring the Earth, our home, is the noblest goal. We already have the knowledge to do so. If we become aware about the severity of this problem, then we can vote for right political action.