COP27 Webinar on Military Emissions – Nov 10, 5:00 am

This is at 5:00 am central daylight time – not sure if it changes after Sunday…check here for time zone conversion

Join our COP27 webinar – Thursday 10th November

Next week, we’re launching both our annual update on the state of military greenhouse gas reporting to the UNFCCC and a new global estimate of the scale of global military emissions. Get an exclusive insight into both of these, and hear how activists in South Korea have been holding their government to account, in our COP27 webinar.

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Decarbonize the military – read the Nature commentary

Ahead of COP27, we’ve collaborated with academic colleagues from Newcastle, Durham, Lancaster and Queen Mary universities, and Scientists for Global Responsibility, on this commentary in Nature, which highlights the urgent need for a global research agenda on military and conflict emissions.

Read it here


We’ll be watching COP27 closely as the debate around military and conflict emissions continues to grow. In particular, on Wednesday 9th November, our friends at Tipping Point North South will be hosting an official side event at COP27 where Ukrainian representatives will officially address the issue of emissions in relation to Russia’s invasion.

I’ll also be at COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh from Sunday 13th to Thursday 17th November. Let me know if you’ll be there too!

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The Conflict and Environment Observatory