Community responds to plans locate F-35 squadrons in city

The Clarion (Madison College Student Newspaper), October 3, 2019 – Chris Bird

The Dane County Regional Airport has been selected as a preferred location to establish an F-35A operational squadron of two 18 plane squadrons with two backup aircraft. The National Guard Bureau has selected five possible installations to house these squadrons, and two will receive the F-35A planes. The two preferred locations out of these five was announced by The Secretary of the Air Force Matthew Donovan to be the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin and Montgomery Regional Airport in Montgomery, Alabama.

Ultimately, the decision to house F-35s in Madison will be made by the federal government, but it is still possible for members of the community to influence the decision by submitting comments to the Air Force and reaching out to representatives of our community. If any person would like to share their thoughts in an official comment for the National Guard Bureau or read the Environmental Impact Statement they can visit