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Chris Taylor takes on the Chamber of Corruption & Do your part to get the word out

For your listening pleasure…
Chris Taylor and Zach Brandon of the Greater Madison Chamber of Corruption discussing F35s, racial disparities, health inequity, economic development vs economic empowerment, binary approaches, the murder of Atatiana Jefferson by police, Trumps impeachment process, scientist urging direct… and more
It might be good to listen to what the big money of the Chamber has to say.  They know how to do PR, public relations AKA propaganda.

Also, if you are interested getting the word out about opposing the F-35’s, sharing your opinion and letting people around Dane County know about coming events, you can call in to 92.7FM on most days.
Call  * 1.844.967.2789 *
6 – 8am you can call in to  Earl Ingram Jr.
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