Communities hope to sway Air Force decision on F-35’s

Northside News  | 30 March 2020  |   Oona Mackesey-Green   The air was brisk but the sun was out, and the crowd was filled with families parading to the festive sounds of the Forward! Marching Band. The “Parade to the Gates of Truax” led by Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin took place in late February. […]

Parade to Oppose F-35’s : The Clarion, Voice of Madison College Students

The Clarion  |  25 March 2020 Anica Graney, Managing Editor     “On Feb. 29, a large group of Madison community members spent their leap day gathered outside the Madison College Truax campus to protest the incoming F-35 fighter jets the Air Force wants to station at the Dane County Regional Airport.     As any […]