Flight of the Discords: Military Industrial Complex Bullies [Harpers]

Harper’s Magazine  |  Jun 6, 2013  |  Andrew Cockburn HEART OF EMPIRE – The Harper’s Blog Flight of the Discords The military–industrial–congressional complex bullies the F-35 Lightning II into Burlington “Before Dwight Eisenhower delivered his famous farewell address on January 17, 1961, the text of his speech warned of the threat posed by the “military–industrial–congressional complex.” But […]

Live Music at Crystal Nov 13 w/ BingBong, Rebulú, Oak Street Ramblers, Angela Puerta Band – No F-35s Fundraiser

Crystal Corner Bar, 1302 Williamson Street   |  Wednesday Nov 13  |  Party from 7 – 11:30   |  Donation of $5 or more please   Facebook Event Link ~ Anita/ Bob Birthday Party/ (No F-35s) Benefit   This is a joint birthday party for long time buddies Anita Hecht and Bob Queen. The party at The […]